Food! It’s much more than a means to refuel. Having grown up in a foodie family, food has always been an excuse to get the gang around. I try out new recipes, and there’s always guinea pigs a plenty.

From a design background originally, but got lost along the way in an office job!! I’m back now to being creative. Took a cookery course in the Dublin Cookery School. Created these DIY Mince Pie packs last Christmas and shared my passion for chocolate on Valentines (see details on blog). My love of food I got from my Mum. So time to share. :O)


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  1. Denise Lawless says:

    Great blog. Keep up the great recipes and good work.

  2. Well done on your super website Rhoda! Grace Wynne-Jones

  3. siofra says:

    Hi Rhoda,
    Only just saw your blog for the first time today!
    I look forward to exploring more and trying out some of the recipes.

    All the best,

  4. Valerie Reid says:

    Hi Rhoda,
    Catherine told me about your Pork steak recipe and ive just had a look at your blog today.
    Its brill and Im definitely going to try the Pork recipe this weekend.
    Ill keep checking into it.

  5. Deirdre Doyle says:

    Hi rhoda, that you? If so, fab blog! Love it! Dx

  6. Lovely to see a good food blog from an Irish person 🙂 Metric measurements! Yay!

  7. Love the blog, will be going downtown to Der O’Sullivan’s to check out the griddle bread soon!!!

  8. siobhan says:

    Just wondering what brand of mandolin would you recommend to buy. ???
    Many thanks !!!

    • Rhoda Kirwan says:

      Hi Siobhan, the mandolin I have I got from my brother who lives in the States. He owns a gastro pub in Shirlington VA and as a result bought me a professional mandolin. That’s why it terrified me! Anyhow, there were a few places that I recommended that sell mandolins in Ireland (you are living in Ireland?). The one that looks similar to mine can be bought in Kitchen Cookware, you can buy online. This is it http://www.kitchencookware.ie/Master_Class_Mandoline_Set/1616/. I hope that helps. Are you planning on making the crisps? Rhoda :O)

  9. siobhan says:

    Didn’t know whether to go with one like that or the Vogue or Benringer ones on Nesbits.ie. Oh, and yes I am in Ireland. Thanks again. Siobhan

  10. Rhoda Kirwan says:

    Nesbits are also excellent. Sorry I can’t be of more help. Let me know how you get on. R :O)

  11. Yvonne Scanlon says:

    Hi Rhoda, what a fantastic site….. happy days I’ll be stalking you now, especially for your alternatives to dairy:) Your 40th chocolate birthday cake was our of this world and I just loved the ball barings. Paddy was just this evening recommending your site to a girl he knows whos looking for a wedding cake, she had seen your blog and the chocolate cake and said it looked fantastic and will be in touch!

    • Rhoda Kirwan says:

      Ah thanks yvonne! I think I have mentioned an alternative to dairy on one of my posts. My friend uses it in place of butter, it’s called Suma Soya Spread. It works very successfully in the recipe for Lemon Drizzle Cake. Rhox

  12. siobhan says:

    Hi Rhoda,
    Went and bought a benriner mandoline for the moment, when funds allow will probably go with a de buyer or bron. I have it put on my wish list !!! 🙂 Siobhan

  13. mamacait says:

    Well done Rhoda, love your blog. Brings me right back to my childhood and my love of simple and tasty Irish food…remembering my gran standing over the standley. Having a brunch on Sunday and can’t wait to try out the griddle bread…….thanks & greetings from Munich! Aine

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