Angry Birds Birthday Cake

I mentioned in my past post that I did a cake decorating course. I received a voucher for Cooks Academy at Christmas and decided to do the Celebration Cakes course. Butter icing and all things fondant don’t really do it for me but I thought it would be a great skill to have. I’m thrilled now that I did the course because I’ve started to put it to use. My son recently turned 10 and wanted an Angry Birds cake for his birthday. No problem!! Thankfully he wanted the pig from Angry Birds, which wasn’t too difficult to do, at least it was round and I didn’t have to contrive a bird shape out of a round cake.

The cake itself was the Nigella Lawson Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake, she describes it as the ‘essence of chocolate cake and mood enhancingly good!!” and it was. :O) I must point out that I did remove the fondant from my piece to get the full impact of the chocolate cake.

So, I set about planning my cake strategy. Studied up on Angry Birds, both figures and previously made cakes and gathered all my ingredients. My husband Emmet wanted to be  part of this activity and I must add that in the past we have made novelty birthday cakes for the kids. Our first being Bear in the Big Blue house, for our son’s first birthday which was a huge challenge and took us about a day to make. But boy was it worth it for the expression on his face when he saw his favourite character in cake form.

So I made the chocolate cake, I divided the mixture using a 20cm/8in cake tin and then a mini tart tin 9cm/3.5in. The smaller cake being for the nose. Once the cakes were cooked and cooled, I made the icing. Cutting the main cake in half I filled the center with the icing. The quantity of icing for this recipe is enough to fill the center and cover the entire cake, a version which I’m keen to try however, for my cake I used a generous portion of the icing for the centre and then a thin layer of the icing on the top and sides in order to hold the fondant in place. I placed the iced cake in the fridge to set and got working on dying the fondant green. This did take a while as I was erring on the cautious side, the end result being a pea green.








I will point out that it is best to wear latex gloves when dying fondant to protect your hands. I didn’t!! And I ended up looking like ‘She Hulk”. I will also point out that it was recommended on the course I did that we wear gloves when engaging in this procedure but I chose to ignore that little nugget of advice. I did however, buy the black fondant ready dyed, that I needed, and I’m glad I did.

Using a mixture of icing sugar and corn flour for dusting my work surface,  I rolled out the fondant, the same rules apply to fondant as to pastry. Starting off with a round ball shape, place the rolling pin in the center, roll gently forward and again, from the same mid point roll back. Turn the fondant and do again. Continue with this method until you have achieved the shape and size needed. Next remove the cake from the fridge and using your rolling pin, roll the fondant onto it and then gently roll the fondant onto the cake, as you would if you were making an apple pie.

Gently work the fondant around the sides, securing at the base of the cake. Using a shape knife, trim off the access fondant, leaving a little lip that can be worked into the base.

Next take a small piece of fondant and use this to polish the cake, giving you a smooth surface and eliminating any finger print etc.


You’ll notice in this picture how green my finger nails are! It took a few days to get rid of it! In the meantime, Emmet my husband was making the features for the face which included the snout of course. He trimmed the top and bottom edges off the small cake and stuck them to the side of the cake using some of the chocolate icing as glue!

He covered the lot with the green fondant and having made two disk shapes with the black fondant, he placed these on the snout, creating perfect nostrils!

The snout was placed on the cake, we used water to secure it however you can buy an edible glue used for the purpose of adhering decorations to cake.

So it’s starting to take shape. All that is left are the eyes, eyebrows, ears and a little mouth.

For the eyes roll out a small amount of white fondant, using a round cutter, in our case we used a shot glass (don’t ask, it was gleaned from some pub in the wild days!).

Make two small black ball shapes for the centre of the eyes and place in random positions on  the eyes whites, like this:








Gently place the eyes either side of the snout, followed by two snake like tubes for the eyebrows. Then two small disk shapes for the ears with black inserts, securing into position using a little bit of water.

And voila! An Angry Birds pig which was devoured by ten hungry boys (one Mum & Dad) all of whom are Angry Birds fans. :O)


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4 Responses to Angry Birds Birthday Cake

  1. OMG!!!! I absolutely wanna eat a slice *____________*

  2. mydearbakes says:

    This is such a wonderful bake! I simply adore the design! =)

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